Family Furbabies
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This is PIPERShe is a beautiful black and tan Mini-Doxie girl, who would probably be more considered a Tweenie as she rides around 12 lbs. Ok..she's a large Mini *LOL*. Piper is extremely smart and will do anything for her human family. She is favored by our young grandson..and Piper is not shy to show that she favors him too!
VANILLA is our little Maltese girl. This little girl loves to be the boss, doing her best to teach all of our dogs to travel the right path *LOL*... She is loving and loyal to her human family... and never spares lots of Maltese kisses:)
​is a beautiful Black and Gold Yorkie girl. She has proven to be an exceptional mommy, not to mention quite the clown with her human family. Sprinkles loves giving and receiving attention
This little girl is the Diva of our group. A Mini-Dachshund...she is truly her human mom's lapdog and soulmate. Her name is JellyBean, and she is a beautiful piebald color. JellyBean is extremely protective of her human family and very, very smart. She is a great mama, and has even nursed other dogs' puppies!!
Introducing the busy-body of our furry family! This is our Mini-Dachshund boy, "COCOA-BEAN". He is a beautiful color of red..and here in this picture, he is "helping" take down wallpaper. He really likes to help *LOL*. Cocoa-Bean is a large mini who  weighs in about 14 lbs. Cocoa-Bean is a comical little fellow, with some real smarts! He has fathered exceptional litters.
APPLE FRITTER was born right here at our home. His size and coloring was so wonderful that we decided to keep him, and very glad we did! "Fritter" is 5 pounds of fun, fun and more fun. He smiles like Elvis when he is playing with his humans..and "play" should be his middle name. He is a golden 1st generation Morkie boy who has proven to be a wonderful father:)
Here we have our little POONCHKEE. Her name is actually the pronunciation of a Polish Donut.,..probably the best donut in the world!  Like the donut, our Poonchkee is the sweetest of sweet:)

Poonchkee carries a red coat with some spots on her back, which means she is a Miniature  Dapple Dachshund.  

She is our newest family member and is proving to be an excellent mother too!